The Kiwanis Pitch, initiated by the Utica Shelby Kiwanis Club, is a community service project encouraging Key Club students aged 14-18 to explore and present innovative business and social venture projects. Participants form teams of 2-4 students with an adult advisor, creating original works judged on feasibility, growth potential, and a “wow factor.” Submission rules include written narratives, a brief video, and a pitch deck. The competition offers both in-person and virtual events, emphasizing equal opportunity and a positive learning experience. Judging criteria focus on project innovation and social impact, evaluating feasibility, sustainability, and creativity. Participants grant limited rights for promotional use, and the Kiwanis Pitch emphasizes fairness, disclosure, and respect for intellectual property.

Kiwanis Pitch Application/Submission Form

The Kiwanis Pitch is offered as a community service project initiative by Utica Shelby Kiwanis Club. Participation in the Kiwanis Pitch involves learning from the pursuit of new ideas. It also involves the creation, submission and presentation of original content in the form of business and social venture projects.

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