Get Involved

Submit a donation today to support our various causes throughout the year. We support a number of fundraisers near and dear to our hearts such as our annual Adopt-a-Family Christmas shopping spree. Your donations could do so much more than help a family in need. They could bring much needed joy to the hearts of those feeling left behind. Join our mission to bring happiness and prosperity to our community. We thank you for your generous donations!

The Utica-Shelby Township Club has monthly meetings to discuss upcoming needs, events, financials, etc. Through these meetings, you’ll get a chance to meet our various members and find out who we are as an organization. Many of our dedicated members started off by simply attending our meetings. If you’re looking for a place to give back or to fulfill your need to serve your neighborhood—we promise you that you’ll feel right at home with us.

Our community puts on multiple events per year to support local families. These events are especially focused on benefiting children. At these events, we focus on raising money or collecting donation items for those in need. We’re always looking for members of our community to help support us in these efforts. Browse our calendar to see some of our upcoming events to find out how you can join our cause. We look forward to meeting you!

The Utica-Shelby Township Club accepts volunteer requests for help. We’re also always looking for help finding people to fill various volunteer needs. From packing boxes to collecting donation items, we need your help! We know we cannot act alone. If you have a calling to help your neighbor, come fulfill that calling with Kiwanis. Volunteering is an easy and excellent way to give back to your community. Find out more today about how you can help.

Come Serve Your Community with Kiwanis

Become a part of our Utica-Shelby Township Kiwanis Club today to support your neighbors. From a commitment to attend events and meetings, to donating monetary or necessary items, your community needs volunteers willing to give back.