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We accomplish so much more when we work together. Studies show that volunteering does more than just make people feel good. Find out more about the benefits new members and their communities receive from joining Kiwanis.

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Why Should You Join Kiwanis?

Volunteering enhances social networks, which help buffer people against stress and disease, and eases pressure on health systems. Serving our communities also improves mental health and contributes to higher levels of happiness, self-esteem, self-worth and life satisfaction.

Organizations such as Kiwanis help to galvanize communities in times of need. We contribute to economic growth through community investment, and help increase awareness and understanding of public issues. Come strengthen your understanding of diverse cultures and communities as you bond with people through shared experiences.

Find Purpose

Through volunteering, you’ll unlock a deeper joy than you’ve ever known. Our members live to serve their neighbors.

Serve Others

We serve based on the needs of our communities. We’ve done food drives, built playgrounds and assisted many schools.

Seek Opportunities

Volunteering develops important life skills and critical leadership abilities and can even lead to employment opportunities.

Corporate Memberships

Kids Need Kiwanis

If you or your company is community-minded, you might benefit from being a part of Kiwanis. A corporate member’s workplace benefits from being named a corporate sponsor of Kiwanis. Become an advocate for your company, representing its point of view in decisions affecting your community.

If your company is already involved with a community project, you will have a chance to encourage your club to join the company’s efforts. Kiwanians often provide man-power or help fund existing community projects. Help your company demonstrate corporate social responsibility in your community.

Active Corporate Members

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Come Serve Your Community with Kiwanis

Become a part of our Utica-Shelby Township Kiwanis Club today to support your neighbors. From a commitment to attend events and meetings, to donating monetary or necessary items, your community needs volunteers willing to give back.